150 Years Old and Thriving: Redwood City

Redwood City Courthouse – Reconstructed 2006

Did You Know? Redwood City is celebrating its Sesquicentennial. So much has transpired in Redwood City’s 150 Years. Redwood City is the oldest city on the San Francisco Peninsula. It has a unique history that goes back to the logging days in 1776 when the Spanish needed lumber to build the San Francisco Presidio and Mission Dolores. By 1851 San Francisco was growing fast and prospered as Gold Rush fever kicked in. The expansion of S.F. demanded lumber and the hills of the Peninsula were a “mother lode” of redwood timber. There was no problem cutting the redwoods down but there needed to be an easy way to haul them to San Francisco. That’s why the port of Redwood City became so important.

Redwood City port between Main Street & Broadway. 1878

A naturally deep channel of water was found and it flowed into San Francisco Bay. Logging companies made use of this valuable resource as a water highway and moved the huge logs form the hills of the Peninsula into the channel then up the Bay stacked on barges to San Francisco. Other industries that found their way to Redwood City were leather tanning and flowers due to the ideal climate. All this economic growth gave life to this community. This fine City became the County seat in 1856 and was known as the business center of the Peninsula. There were less robust times during the 1960s and 1970s but that gave way to a revitalization that is currently continuing with enormous momentum.

Redwood City Courthouse 20th Century – Neo-Classical Facade

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