Almost a Vacation ⛺️🌊

We have been doing some home remodeling this summer. Like most home projects, this one is taking a little longer than anticipated. As a result, we haven’t been able to get completely out of the area for a vacation. Oh well. Much of this work has meant we cannot live in our home; there has been too much dust. So we are moving around on a weekly basis. 

One recent week, Michael and I decided to make our stay a little more like camping. Yes, I LOVE camping. Normally we would bring our own tent and a week of supplies, but since we were juggling a lot, “glamping” was the most we could manage. So, where can we go that is close enough to my listings (and our home remodel) that we can check them as necessary.  Where can we have wifi while sitting in camp? Where can we have a campfire (essential for camping!) without creating a hazard? 


Costanoa is a KOA campground on the coast, about 10 miles south of Pescadero. It has regular rooms, cabins, RV’s, tent sites and “tent cabins.” The tent cabin was perfect for us. Already set up, it had electricity, heated blankets, and a designated fire spot that allows for safe campfires. There is also a spa, restaurant (Cascade) and other amenities. We did eat at Cascade one evening, but largely we like to cook at our own fire. That is the point of camping. 

While staying at Costanoa, we were able to keep up with clients as needed (not always easy, but we managed), but also go on some amazing beach walks and hillside hikes. Best of all was just sitting in the camp and watching the bevies of quail compete with herds of adorable cottontails. A great blue heron made regular rounds in the mornings, checking for gophers, and a turkey showed up each evening. Lots of other birds made birdwatching fun.

After getting our dinner cooked, we kept a fire going till late in the evening. There may have been wine… Then it was easy to step into our tent cabin and retire until the morning light lit up the room.

It was not quite a vacation, but it was enjoyable to work from the coast for awhile. 

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This post was written by Rumana Jabeen

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