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Valentine’s Day is a very busy day for restaurants, as you all are aware. Michael generally makes reservations for us at fancy restaurants (usually French). But sometimes, he would forget to make reservations early enough, and then have to scramble to find a place. He has always done well, but sometimes will ask… “so, what do you think of burritos this Valentine’s Day?” Um, no thank you. But he always find a great spot. Alternatively, we have also had Valentine’s evenings where we cook for each other, and we enjoy that a lot too. Champagne is involved.

This year, Michael early-booked one of our favorite restaurants in San Mateo. Appropriate for the day, it is called Amour Amour. Finding that there was still space there, he suggested we book two reservations, and raffle off the reservation for procrastinators. I loved the idea. So we booked two tables, and scheduled an online drawing for the winner. We even threw in $100 for the meal. I hope you saw the posting on Facebook and took a chance. I drew a name on Feb 1, on Facebook Live. That original winner was not able to make it, so we drew another name a couple days later. Also on FB live. Adriana C., the lucky winner, ate at Amour Amour on Feb 14th.

Sadly, I caught a stomach bug that morning and was unable to go! What a bummer!! Michael had to cancel our reservation, but Adriana went with two friends and had a great time. Michael did stop by to take some pictures. While there, we found some other clients who had taken up our recommendation. I think they all had a good time!

It is a blessing to have someone special with whom to enjoy these occasions! We now have a raincheck for our own special dinner out. But we will dine there soon. Save us a spot, Karla!

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