Annual Referral Contest

Who will win $1000 to the Ritz Carlton?

Half Moon Bay Ritz Carlton view

There is no greater honor for me than to get your referrals. I am so proud that my business is based primarily on referrals from you. 
I am pleased to introduce my Annual Referral Contest for 2023. I know you send referrals because you trust me to serve those who are close to you. I want to reward you for that trust.

Winners will receive a $1000 Ritz Carlton gift card to use at their convenience.Whomever you refer will get the highest level of concierge service from me and my team.  Our goal: your friends, family and coworkers will have their expectations exceeded. 
Each time you send me a referral I create one entry in your name. When your referral closes a deal, I add another entry on your behalf. More referrals equal more chances for you to win!
I greatly appreciate the trust and confidence in me demonstrated by all your referrals. It means a lot to me personally. I look forward to giving your referrals fantastic service!

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