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As you all probably know, I love to keep in touch with my clients. I don’t have ex-clients; I just have more and more friends.

I had sold a home for my clients, Sarika Singh and her husband Deep Majundar, and recently called to see how things were going. To my delight, Sarika explained how she had opened a studio, and was painting and selling artwork. Sarika is a talented fashion designer, but I hadn’t seen her artwork before, so I asked if she could send me some photos. I am not disappointed.

Sarika works with both oil and watercolor media. Her fashion designs are amazingly creative, and span the gamut of glamour, wedding and casual, or even fantasy. But she also has stunning, dramatic seascapes as well as serene and calming lily ponds.

I could tell you more about her, but it is probably easiest just to point you to her own website, I hope you will enjoy perusing her art and designs as much as I did. And if you need a place to hang your beautiful art pieces, you know who to call!!

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