California Wildfire Relief 2021

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2021 Wildfire Season

While wildfires are a natural part of California’s landscape, the fire season in California and across the West is starting earlier and ending later each year. Climate change is considered a key driver of this trend. Warmer spring and summer temperatures, reduced snowpack, and earlier spring snowmelt create longer and more intense dry seasons that increase moisture stress on vegetation and make forests more susceptible to severe wildfire. The length of fire season is estimated to have increased by 75 days across the Sierras and seems to correspond with an increase in the extent of forest fires across the state.

Our Bay Area hasn’t yet been directly hit by fires and smoke this year, but there are too many fires burning in the state already, and it is still early in the season. Here are websites where you can find updates on air quality, evacuations, and official information in Northern California Wildfires and on California Wildfires in general. The California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services has statewide wildfire recovery efforts and resources information.

If you would like to help others in need, thank you. Aid workers say cash is best if you really want to help because money can be spent on exactly what disaster victims need at the moment they need it. If you don’t feel comfortable sending cash, consider sending gift cards. It is generally not advisable to donate items unless requested, because inventory becomes difficult to manage. I’d like to offer the following links for a place one can donate. Some of these sites are general relief funds, while others are more specific to the area or purpose. Follow your heart as to where you donate, and how much.

Mother nature often proves that we are feeble, but we can still make a difference. Thank you for doing your part.

Donations For the Victims
(SAVE), The California Fire Foundation’s Supplying Aid to Victims of Emergency program brings immediate, short-term relief to victims of fire and other natural disasters throughout California.
American Red Cross: Donations will go to the Red Cross’ disaster relief efforts.
CDP California Wildfires Recovery Fund: Help the Center for Disaster Philanthropy support those affected by the wildfires.
The Salvation Army: Donations support disaster relief for the current wildfires as well as potential future disasters.

Donations For the Firefighters (and victims)
California Fire Foundation: This foundation provides emotional and financial assistance to families of fallen firefighters, firefighters, and the communities they protect.
GlobalGiving — California Wildfire: Providing support for firefighters and supplying food, water, and medicine to people in need.
Direct Relief: Direct Relief responds each year to wildfires throughout the Western U.S. and in its home state of California. It provides N-95 masks, medicine, and other resources to healthcare agencies and first responders in wildfire-affected communities across California.

Donations For the Animals
Humane Society of the United States: helps with small pets and large animals.
Vema Net: Volunteers for the Emergency Management of Animals Network is a free online bulletin board where people can offer or ask for help with animals in need of evacuation and a temporary safe haven.

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