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50 Reasons to be Proud of San Mateo

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There are so many reasons to love San Mateo, and so many reasons to be proud. But it is always great to learn new reasons to boast about our city. I learned of one recently, and it’s one of the best! Did you know that San Mateo was the first, and for a time the only, city to adopt a military unit? San Mateo’s Military...

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Appreciation Luncheon for 2017 Clients

As an annual tradition of celebrating my success of the past year, I have invited my 2017 clients and those who gave me referrals to a luncheon at the wonderful Vivace Ristorante in Belmont.  I had such a great time celebrating.  Looking forward to many more such events. Thank you for your continued business and referrals. You played a vital role in my productive 2017.

Holiday Festivities Guide

‘Tis the Season of Joy, the perfect time to celebrate with your family and friends. I would like to present you with the perfect way to celebrate by offering you a guide to Holiday events and festivities happening in and around the Bay Area. Be merry and enjoy the most beautiful time of the year! Happy Holidays, Rumana Jabeen & Associates Holiday Parades Lighted Yacht Parade...

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Thanksgiving Pie Party

The annual Thanksgiving Pie Party for my clients that I host at my house was a huge success again. I had a great time (and ate too much pizza and pie). I love Pilgrim’s Kitchen pies and cakes. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!                    

CORA Support

I am so glad to be supporting this wonderful organization. CORA performs a crucial service for our community. We just hope that someday soon we will no longer need them.

Foster City: A Dramatic Development – From Marshland to Thriving Planned Community

Foster City is one of many balanced and well-planned communities in the United States. The “new city” concept gained popularity as an outgrowth of the post World War II era, and by 1973 there were 50 planned cities in the U.S. It has been noted that the Foster City planned community was possibly the most dramatic and challenging of any. Major engineering landfill achievements were...

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150 Years Old and Thriving: Redwood City

Did You Know? Redwood City is celebrating its Sesquicentennial. So much has transpired in Redwood City’s 150 Years. Redwood City is the oldest city on the San Francisco Peninsula. It has a unique history that goes back to the logging days in 1776 when the Spanish needed lumber to build the San Francisco Presidio and Mission Dolores. By 1851 San Francisco was growing fast and...

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Go Take a Hike… There’s One for Everybody!

    Before you know it the summer heat will be upon us. It’s exhilarating to get outdoors when the weather is cooler and really experience and explore Bay Area trails. In between the rain showers there may be some puddles to slog through, but with weatherized hiking boots and walking poles, you can really have a memorable getaway into nature. I love experiencing the...

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Accepting an Offer – An Intricate Web of Negotiation

Getting into contract: it’s a complex, yet delicate interwoven process. Many are surprised by all the intricacies and nuances that enter into the process of selling one’s home. I’ve heard: “Oh, in this market you can just stick a sign in the yard…”. That can be true, but that is certainly not how you get the most for your home! Did you know that it’s...

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