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National Wine and Cheese Day

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Sunday, June 25 is National Wine and Cheese Day! If ever there was a holiday to get behind, this is it! I really don’t need an excuse to imbibe, but it is nice that we have a dedicated day to proclaim our appreciation for gourmet faire. Red or White is the question. Wine tasting is one of my favorite pastimes. It is one of the...

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A Dog’s 🐶 Day in the Bay Area!

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WHO LET THE DOGS OUT? If you did, please keep them out and in public because we love those cute little furry creatures. Many of you know how much I love pets. Our puppy (80 lbs) went with us just about everywhere, while the cat ruled the roost. My earliest brochures included pictures with my full family (husband, dog and cat). While we don’t have...

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Valentine’s Dinner, 2021

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Here comes Valentine’s Day, another holiday that will be effected by our current altered reality. What have been your favorite things to do to commemorate Cupid? Can you still do them this year?  I used to go out to dinner with my husband, Michael. He booked the restaurant-usually swanky French. In the past few years though, we really got tired of the extra crowds and...

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Wesołych Świąt!

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Polish Christmas Traditions Poland is a largely catholic country and for that reason, the time around Christmas is full of traditions originated from and directed to religion. Although the religious aspect of Christmas, the 25th of December is the most important day of the holiday season, the truth is that it is Christmas Eve that has the largest number of traditions and customs. Also, for...

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2020 Thanksgiving with a Twist

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I love tradition. Tradition adds meaning to what would otherwise be mundane. Sometimes, tradition impels us to do things we might not otherwise bother to do. It can seem pedantic and boring. But tradition can also make a simple event seem potent and imbued with significance. I, for one, love the idea of carrying on, as has been done for generations. Thanksgiving is about as...

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Beautiful, Delicate & Dramatic

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As you all probably know, I love to keep in touch with my clients. I don’t have ex-clients; I just have more and more friends. I had sold a home for my clients, Sarika Singh and her husband Deep Majundar, and recently called to see how things were going. To my delight, Sarika explained how she had opened a studio, and was painting and selling...

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SEPTEMBER: National Sewing Month

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National Sewing Month is the recognition of a creative form of self-expression that we celebrate in September, but enjoy all year. The month-long Open House of retailers, bloggers, online stores, schools, organizations, individuals and more is a great time to renew interest, share ideas, be inspired, expand your knowledge and express your creativity. Happy sewing! Felted Stuffed Animals These petite stuffed animals — a Fair...

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In crafting there are no mistakes, just unique creations.  Summertime is one of the best times to craft. There are fun outdoor craft ideas to try, you can use nature and the things around you as inspiration, and when it’s too hot outside you can spend some time crafting inside! LAVENDER SOAP DIY RECIPE Making your own fancy soap with this melt and pour soap...


Need a Home Office?

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These days, most of us are working from home. This might become the new normal for many, even after Covid-19. It is speculated that many employers have come to terms with their work-from-home force. It is safer, and productivity is high. Plus, it keeps our roads less congested. For those of us trying to stay productive at home, it is sometimes difficult to find a...

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How to Host the Perfect Virtual Gathering

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Social distancing doesn’t have to pause your social interaction! Fortunately, the digital world has made it easier than ever to stay connected with friends and family from afar. In the eReport below, you’ll find everything you need to know to plan the perfect online gathering. Learn what video platforms to use, how to send invites, and even ways to play games or watch movies at...

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