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The Proud 16%

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Recently, CNBC spotlighted a Zillow poll in which 9/10 sellers claimed regrets over some aspect of their experience. Apparently, 84% of sellers believe they could have done better. Well, if they had chosen me as a listing agent, it’s likely they would have done better! My sellers are among that proud 16% who know they got the highest price and the best terms. Here are...

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San Mateo County Market Update-March 2023

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In February, San Mateo County had 296 Single Family Homes for sale. There were 264 new listings and a total of 176 homes sold, up from 219 new and 159 sold in January. The median sale price for homes was $2 million, compared to $1.48 million last month.  The numbers are also up for condos/townhomes. There were 138 condos and townhomes for sale in February....

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Amour Amour

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Valentine’s Day is a very busy day for restaurants, as you all are aware. Michael generally makes reservations for us at fancy restaurants (usually French). But sometimes, he would forget to make reservations early enough, and then have to scramble to find a place. He has always done well, but sometimes will ask… “so, what do you think of burritos this Valentine’s Day?” Um, no...

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Client Appreciation Luncheon

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I had a great time, as always, at my client appreciation party. My 2022 buyers and sellers were invited to have a fabulous lunch prepared by Mike Gunn at Vivace Ristorante in Belmont. If you haven’t been, I hope you do go soon. You might have noticed me featuring them on my Instagram and Facebook feeds recently as well. Besides a fabulous regular menu, Vivace’s...

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The San Mateo county real estate market has seen a decrease in the available inventory of single family homes and condos/townhomes. Only 159 homes, with a median of $1,480,000 compared to December when 248 homes sold for a median of $1,539,000. Homes stayed on the market 40 days average. The median price for condos was actually up from $825,000 in December to $862,000 in January...


Annual Referral Contest

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Who will win $1000 to the Ritz Carlton? There is no greater honor for me than to get your referrals. I am so proud that my business is based primarily on referrals from you. I am pleased to introduce my Annual Referral Contest for 2023. I know you send referrals because you trust me to serve those who are close to you. I want to reward you for...

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San Mateo County Market Report

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January 2023 January 2023 Market Report – San Mateo San Mateo’s single-family housing market saw a decrease to a $1.5 million median sold price. There were 238 units sold and 124 new listings. The condo & townhome market declined month-over-month with 37 new listings, and 58 sales totaling approximately $819k. Buyers have remained aggressive with average offer prices remaining at around 100%. Due to only...

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Goodbye Tiger, Hello Rabbit

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Sunday will be the official Lunar New Year. Are you ready to start the year again? While the day is commonly called Chinese New Year, the event is actually celebrated by many Asian countries, including South Korea, Vietnam, and Singapore. The customs vary from nation to nation. For those who follow the Zodiac, we bid farewell to the Tiger, and welcome the Year of the...

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San Mateo County Market Update-December 2022

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The housing market has decreased for both single family homes and condos/townhomes. Sellers are still getting close to their asking price, but not getting the same prices they were achieving in April, the peak of the market. Sellers are needing to be more patient as homes are taking longer to sell in general, as buyers weigh their options.

Miner Towns, Winer Towns

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Short trips are nice. My husband and I really enjoy driving to small towns (might have mentioned that a thousand times already). We took one day trip a couple weeks ago that was memorable. We were planning to go wine tasting in Amador and El Dorado counties on a Saturday. Of course, clearing the deck in the morning (checking work emails) always takes a bit...

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