Dreams Can Come True (with a lot of hard work)

Our transaction coordinator, Dasha Kraft, had a very exciting week. Her fiancé, James Outman, has been playing in the AAA league for the Los Angeles Dodgers. James himself is a Redwood City boy, who was drafted by the Los Angeles Dodgers in 2018. He has been working hard for his dream to come true. James got called up by the Los Angeles Dodgers from Triple-A Oklahoma City on Saturday, July 30th. He played his first major league game in Denver, playing again the Rockies. What did James do on his first at-bat? You can see it here, captured by Dasha!

Very exciting indeed. This split-screen video went viral.

In the Bay Area, so many baseball fans were talking about his debut. It was a great “local boy makes good” story. The story was much discussed, I found, such as when I went to a screen repair shop in San Carlos and found the staff were talking about him. 

After a fantastic week, including sweeping our own Giants, James is back in AAA. This is routine for young players, but you know that you will be seeing and hearing about James Outman plenty in the future. I’m sure Dasha will keep us up to date!

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This post was written by Rumana Jabeen

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