Finally, A Picnic!🧺

I love doing client events. As great as it would be to meet everyone one-on-one, that just isn’t possible with all our busy schedules. But events are awesome to get to see many of you and catch up. I love it. My favorite event has to be the picnic. I am so glad we were able to do it again this year! The kids always have so much fun; it is worth it just for that. But I think we adults do okay too, eating, drinking and winning prizes. Congrats to the Raffle and game winners! I really appreciate you all coming out, some of you from rather far away. It means a lot to me that you also want to keep in touch. That is the most rewarding aspect of being in real estate. 

I have to give special thanks to Nicole Francis from Cross Country Mortgage for supplying the catering this year. Wasn’t that fantastic? I really enjoyed Frank’s Texas BBQ. You are wonderful Nicole, not just for the catering, but for the service you have provided to my clients. Huge thanks also to my staff who worked so hard to set up and close up. They drape themselves in the Aspire Higher motto at every level. I am extremely proud of the amazing job my staff does.  

Needless to say, I am looking forward to more client events. I hope you are too!

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