Good Friends, Good Clients, Good Wine  🥂 

Our good friends Peggy and Mike moved out last year. At that time, they went from being good friends to great clients. Although they lived outside my usual business area, they knew me and trusted I’d do a great job for them. And I did, if I may say so myself. But that’s a different story. In fact, I met them through different clients, who after working with me, became good friends. I guess it works both ways: friends become clients; clients become friends.

They followed a job to North Carolina and have been out of state for about a year. This week, they came back for a visit. Since they don’t have their former home, they arranged for a picnic lunch in a local winery. What a great idea! Quite a few of us were able to get together and reminisce as well as learn about how they are doing in their new environs. It was a lot of fun catching up, and the wines were surprisingly good as well. I hadn’t been to P&V before.

If you are revisiting after moving from the area, I recommend this approach to getting the gang together. We did it potluck style, which was very simple for all. And of course, the wines kept flowing, along with the tales. A lot happens in a year! Welcome back, Peggy and Mike. I hope you visit again every year!

PS I should mention I particularly enjoyed the 2021 Sauvignon Blanc and the 2019 Santa Cruz Pinot Noir

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This post was written by Rumana Jabeen

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