Rumana’s Essential Tips for Selling Your Home

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Rumana will help you stage your home.

Every home seller has their own objective in mind. Whether, it’s the highest selling price possible, an easy, no-effort sale, or to move out quickly, I will help you achieve your goals!

ARE YOU READY TO SELL? Selling your home can be a very emotional experience. My job will begin with listening to your goals to help you determine if the sale of the home will help you achieve them. We will discuss this when we first meet. Sometimes we discover that selling the home isn’t the right move at the time; sometimes the timing is perfect. My Aspire Higher motto means I want to be your resource for whatever is best for you.

If we decide to sell, I will help you every step of the way. There is a lot involved, but don’t worry; I’ll do most of it for you!

PREPARING YOUR HOME. First impressions are vital to receiving the best price possible for your home. In order to get your home looking its best, I’ll make appointments with stagers, inspectors, gardeners, painters and contractors.

PRE-LISTING MARKETING. Once your home is ready to be shown, we’ll begin preparing the marketing materials that will present your home as attractively as possible to all potential buyers. First, we’ll take awesome photos and videos of your home. I’ll put your home on every available website with a beautiful virtual tour. I’ll create sophisticated brochures to help purchasers remember the home positively. After the For Sale sign is posted with an attached flyer box, the brochures will be available for your neighbors to take from. I’ll send virtual postcards to the top agents in the region, and mail postcards throughout your neighborhood. Everyone who is looking for a home like yours will know your home is for sale.

ONGOING MARKETING. This is a crucial period. While your home is on the market we have to keep it looking in top shape. I’ll advise you how to keep the home looking fresh if you are still living there. Vacant homes are easier to manage. Once all the marketing materials go out, you’ll expect everybody who is interested in your type of home, in your neighborhood and price range, to come and see it. I will hold a broker tour for agents to preview it, a catered Twilight Preview and open houses until the home is sold. I will follow up with agents who have shown the home to determine which customers are most likely to come forward with an offer so I can begin negotiating.

REVIEWING OFFERS AND NEGOTIATION. You’re going to get an offer; you might get many! Based on the feedback we’re getting from the open houses and private showings, we’ll establish the best way to accept offers. At this point, I know which agents and clients are most interested in your home. My negotiation has been working for you since we signed the Listing Agreement, but now I really put it to work. We will review offers, and make counter-offers if necessary. My promise to you is you will end up with the highest possible price and best terms for your home.

ESCROW MANAGEMENT. The time between accepting an offer and the close of escrow is very exciting. Because I carefully negotiated terms in the offer, you can expect things to go smoothly. Still, sometimes there are situations that arise that need immediate attention. Don’t worry; I am there to handle this for you. I’ll give you a calendar of events, and update you on the progress every step of the way. I’ll be sure the buyers follow through with their contract and will help you do whatever is needed before the close. In the end, you can hand over your keys and have a nice reward wired into your account! I promise to make the process as simple and stress-free as possible.

STAYING IN TOUCH! I keep in touch with all my clients. My clients come to frequent parties, picnics, and other special events. I’m sure you’ll also want to stay connected. I want you to be so happy with me that anytime you or anyone you know wants to buy or sell, you will call me or refer them to me. I want to be in your real estate life forever. That’s what I mean by Aspire Higher. That is how my business is based on referrals.

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