My Support for San Mateo-Foster City Education Foundation

Those who know me know how committed I am to education. I like to support local schools because we all do better in a well-educated society. I have a Master’s degree, and my husband is professor emeritus. But these accomplishments would mean less in a society that is not also fully engaged in critical thinking and life-long learning. Think about it. How important is a well-educated society? A well-rounded education is shown to benefit health, happiness, and prosperity. That’s why I am so proud to support the San Mateo-Foster City Education Foundation. 

State funding often does not provide adequate resources to fund all necessary programs. The Education Foundation funds core programming in the Arts, Sports, Music, and Wellness. This support is necessary to provide our community students with the well-rounded education they deserve. Foundation support includes all K-8 schools in the district, ensuring no child is left behind. 

The Education Foundation is committed to reaching every child in the San Mateo-Foster City School District. A strong foundation does more than just support the children in its care, it impacts the entire community. 

Here is a link to the San Mateo-Foster City Education Foundation. I would encourage readers to look them up, and perhaps even donate to a truly worthy cause, our future. And as you pass by the various schools, notice my logo on the banners hung by the Education Foundation. To all kids out there: Aspire Higher!

This video is a combination of the schools within the San Mateo-Foster City Education Foundation, who believes every child deserves the best education possible.

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This post was written by Rumana Jabeen

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