Red, White and Blue for You!

Naturalized in 1999, I have been happily distributing flags in Foster City for nearly 20 years! This is just a small symbol of my appreciation for being an American Citizen. It seems this year, more than any other is recent times, we may need a little brightening of spirits. We can’t gather for large parties or firework shows, but we can still be proud of where we are and all we’ve accomplished.

I haven’t missed any years, but sometimes I don’t get the flags distributed until July 3rd (and sometimes late at night!). When that happens, I start to get calls from folks who enjoy them, wondering if I am still giving them out. I have also have had people in other areas ask if I will canvas their area. Yes, I am still giving them out, and I have expanded my coverage.

Why Foster City? Foster City is where my husband and I first moved in California. He had a position as a professor, and I was a program director for a social agency. We were able to afford a townhome after saving our first year. When I became a realtor, walking around my neighborhood was key to getting started.

I’m pleased to report that the flags are Made In America. That means a lot to me as well. It doesn’t make sense to have a symbol of patriotic pride imported from somewhere else!

And for those who are keeping up with health trends, I would like to mention that I was wearing a mask (!) except for the photo ops. I really hope you will all keep it safe and help us get back to celebrating together.

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