Image for the community of Burlingame

Burlingame is a fantastic city with a revived downtown, a vibrant bay front shoreline, and many beautiful historic homes. Once a summer destination for San Francisco’s wealthiest, it has long been one of the most attractive places to live. My office is near downtown, so I spend a lot of time enjoying Burlingame. It is the town my husband is from (and his parents still live).

Here’s some of the things I love best:

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Of course Burlingame has many great schools. I encourage you to click the link below to find answers to your questions about school ratings and boundaries.

Burlingame Schools

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MLS area map of Burlingame

Here is a map and list of the various areas in Burlingame, by Multiple Listing Services. I like to drive my clients around each area so they can decide which areas they would like to focus on.  


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