Foster City

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Foster City is where I first bought a home when I moved into California. It is an attractive modern city with lagoons and bay views providing a watery backdrop for picturesque scenes. I love Foster City for so many reasons. Here’s just a few:

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Many families move to Foster City for the schools. The link below may provide you with all the information you need about which areas are serviced by which schools, scores, etc.

Foster City Schools


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MLS area map of Foster City

Here is a map and list of the various areas in Foster City, by Multiple Listing Services. The streets are grouped by type (like “birds,” fish” or “ships”) so you can always tell where you are. I like to drive my clients around each area so they can decide which areas they would like to focus on.  

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390.     Neighborhood #7 Sea Colony/Longwater/ Pitcarin/Plum Island/Alden Crossing/Alden Park/ Williams Landing/Antigua

391.     Neighborhood #8 Dolphin Bay/Port Royal/ Nantucket Cove

392.     Neighborhood #9 Isle Cove/Shell Cove/ Edgewater Townhomes

393.     Neighborhood #5 The Islands/Bayporte/Winston Square/Winston Village

394.     Neighborhood #6 Harbor Side/Whalers Cove/ Whalers Landing/ Ponderosa Shores

395.     Neighborhood #4 Marina Point/Sand Harbor Sand Harbor South

396.     Neighborhood #3 Carmel Village/Marina Green

397.     Neighborhood #2 Bay Vista

398.     Neighborhood #1 Treasure Isle/Admiralty/ Bay Breeze

399.     Neighborhood #11 Vintage Park/Lincoln Center

400.     Neighborhood #10 Metro Center/City Homes/ Spinnaker

Image #8

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