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Millbrae is a wonderful city with a combination of terrific businesses and beautiful homes. If one is in the mood for superior Chinese food but don’t want to navigate San Francisco’s Chinatown, Millbrae delivers. It also has terrific restaurants and hotels along El Camino, and is the last BART stop on the peninsula, providing a crucial hub to SFO airport and the San Mateo County. The downtown is along a stretch of Broadway, with nice restaurants, coffee places, markets and services. Millbrae also has an Art and Wine Festival each year in downtown, and a regular Farmer’s Market. You can find homes with amazing views, as well as more modest living quarters. For those who are outdoorsy, there are quite a few terrific parks, including the Sawyer Camp Trail along Crystal Springs Lake and the Spur Trail. In short, Millbrae is a terrific blend of all that is preferred in city living.

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Some of the best schools on the Peninsula are in Millbrae. Click the link to find out which areas go to what schools.

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MLS area map of Millbrae

Here is a map and list of the various areas in Millbrae, by Multiple Listing Services. I like to drive my clients around each area so they can decide which areas they would like to focus on.  


.    480  Mills Estate

.    481  Highlands

.    482  Bayside Manor #2,#18

.    483  Manor #1 Manor #2 Park Millbrae Telescope Hills Silva Ranch

.    485  Glenview Highlands

.    486  Meadow Glen

.    487  Marino Vista Park

.    488  Green Hills Green Hills Manor Green Hills Terrace

.    489  Meadows

.    490  Capuchino

.    491  Lomita Hills

.    492  Millwood

.    493  Airport Park

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