What can be one of the hardest, most intimidating things to do in life, Rumana makes easy and makes you feel comfortable and confident knowing that you have one of the best guiding you through it all.
Rumana came highly recommended by our lender when we were looking for a buyer's agent for our first home. We met with her knowing very little about the local market or real estate in general. She very patiently walked us through the whole process, answered all our questions, and set expectations on what we should be looking at given our budget. She never showed us anything outside our price range, and we never felt any pressure to move forward until we found the right place. Once we found a home we liked, Rumana got us all the paperwork and walked us through everything, step by step so we understood everything we were looking at. She helped us determine a good offer price and approached the sellers with an early offer which they accepted. We were first time home buyers who had their first offer accepted all thanks to her. Throughout the closing process, we got the same level of attention as she walked us through everything that needed to be done. She was present at the closing to answer any last minute questions and to make sure we understood everything we were signing. After the closing, Rumana stayed in contact with us over the years, inviting us to yearly events that we came to look forward to. Pie giveaways during the holidays, movie screenings, and the annual picnic where we saw many of her other clients who had similar exceptional experiences. It's no surprise that when it came time to sell our home, hiring Rumana was a foregone conclusion. I received a new job offer and had to orchestrate a cross-country move in under a month. We called Rumana to schedule a meeting to go over what needed to be done to get the unit ready to sell. As I was panicking thinking of all the people we'd have to hire and coordinate while planning a move, Rumana smiled and said: "Don't worry, it's part of the service I provide." She showed us a plan for everything she would arrange to have done for the property and the entire marketing package. In one short meeting, we had a plan, and I felt confident everything was in good hands. As the process got underway she was in constant communication with us giving us updates on everything she was scheduling and preparing, and even sat with us for a couple of hours going over the disclosure documents to answer all our questions. When the time came for us to move, I handed over the keys and knew everything would be taken care of. In just over 2 weeks from the day we moved out, the property was inspected, painted, fixed up, staged, and on the market, all while we were on the other side of the country. We received immediate feedback on all the tours and open houses and advice on timing given the current market conditions. In the end, we were astonished by the number of offers we received after just a few days on the market. Rumana's knowledge and the entire team she works with had given our property amazing exposure and secured us several offers that exceeded not only our expectations but even our optimistic hopes. I cannot recommend Rumana highly enough. From her experience to her team, to her professionalism and personal attention, everything about our experience with her has been exceptional.

— Gilberto R.

Seller: Redwood Shores ~ View Property

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