…with a sale price far above what we had expected… solely due to Rumana’s firm but fair approach to negotiating.
Dear Prospective Clients, It is with great enthusiasm that I write this letter to tell you about Rumana Jabeen. Our family (my husband, Rob, and daughters Maya and Kati) made the difficult decision to sell our beautiful home in Foster City in late 2009. My first task was to find a realtor who could sell a house in a reasonable amount of time in a soft housing market while still helping us get a reasonable sale price. For years we had been getting Rumana’s promotional materials in the mail and seeing her beautiful face on one realty sign after another in the neighborhood. My thought was that if she is as good a realtor as she is a marketer, she will be right for us. Then I realized that a realtor is a marketer and her sales skills for homes must be as good as her sales skills for her client outreach. I found Rumana’s contact information on the web and called her January 2nd, 2009. She greeted me with energy and was available to meet with me within the week. I showed her around the house and she was interested in every detail. Within another few days, she had put together a packet of information about our house, her recommended list price and lots of other useful information about comparable home sales. I was astonished at the length she had gone to to show us what she would be offering us in her services if we decided to retain her as our agent. She took the process seriously and that gave me the trust in her that she would attend to the details of the whole sale process with the same level of intelligence, attention to detail and excellence. What a professional! Needless to say, we asked her to be our agent and she got right to work. We first worked together on getting the house ready for sale. She had her own recommended service people available to perform the work at half the cost that others would have charged. The outcome of the work was so beautiful. While the work was being done, Rumana, herself maintained daily contact with the workers and with me to keep me apprised of the progress and any minor issues that came up so that there wouldn’t be any time delays in getting the house on the market. The house was finally ready to be put on the market. Rumana conducted an all out marketing campaign with web presence, open house, and print advertisement. The home had never looked so beautiful. We couldn’t believe how magnificent it looked to prospective buyers. In a market that had 40 homes for sale (Foster City), we received 3 offers within the first week on the market. We accepted one of the offers and Rumana walked us through all the complex legal paperwork and decisions that need to be made when entering a home sale contract. We closed sale on the home within a few months of our first call to Rumana with a sale price far above what we had expected when we first contacted her and this is solely due to Rumana’s firm but fair approach to negotiating with the buyer of our home for the best price for us as home sellers. We have told Rumana to keep our phone number because we will be calling her when we buy our next house in a few years. We only hope she is still working in the area by then and hasn’t gone national! Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have or simply if you want to hear more stories about Rumana’s incredible service as a realtor.

— Stephanie and Rob K.

Seller: Foster City

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