When we first interviewed her, she said "although I have many clients, it's my goal to make you feel like you are my only client" and I think she really was able to create that experience for us.
Rumana represented us as our sellers' agent as we sold our home in San Mateo and she did a wonderful job. We approached Rumana initially because she had been sending us marketing materials (pads, pamphlets) consistently for more than 10 years, and we liked the tenacity and marketing savvy that she displayed, and figured those were among the core skills for a great sellers agent. During the initial interview, we found her to be really straightforward and especially concerned with transparency and good expectation setting, which worked well for our style. Once we signed on with her, we set to work on getting the house ready to sell. She recommended and coordinated folks for us to work with on all aspects (staging, painting, curb appeal, handymen) including getting competitive quotes where it made sense, and the vendors, in turn, did smooth, good work. It was a huge amount of work for us to get the house ready, but having Rumana and her team engaged so closely with everything that could be hired out, made it much easier. She and her team created a really impressive website, complete with an aerial fly-in and great photos, and well as brochures and other materials to really let prospective buyers see the house with the same appreciation that we've had from living in it. She did a number of showings, both weekday twilight tours and weekend open houses, and after each one gave us an update on both the interest level from agents and potential buyers, as well as a general update on the market and where our expectations should be in terms of price and time to sell. Finally, she was very helpful and present during all the paperwork-ish parts of the endeavor, with reminders where appropriate for us to move things along, and being available for frequent phone calls to answer questions. So bottom line, Rumana was excellent, and I would wholeheartedly recommend working with her if you have the chance.

— Jeff F.

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