...selling your house through Rumana is absolutely the best choice to make.
I am writing this on behalf of Rumana Jabeen, our realtor and friend. This letter is long, but I think it’s important for you to understand specifically how and why selling your house through Rumana is absolutely the best choice to make. We came to know Rumana years before selling our house. We met her one day as she personally dropped by our house to give us a beautiful calendar she had made with pictures of our house. She was personally getting to know everyone in the neighborhood. Over the following months and years, my wife and I were continually impressed by the effective and ongoing ways that Rumana marketed herself and the properties she represented. A little background, my wife and I are part-time real estate investors. We spent many Saturdays and Sundays driving around, looking at open houses, noticing how the house was presented, and how the agent handled each property. Long before selling our house, we noticed Rumana as several steps above the rest. This showed in many ways. First, Rumana would have the properties on open house on Saturdays and Sundays, thereby gaining more market exposure. Many agents only have open houses on Sundays, cutting their exposure in half. Second, Rumana always had clear, well-placed signs at several intersections to direct traffic to the house. The address was always clearly displayed on the sign. The sign in the yard was prominent, the fliers in color, and colorful balloons were attached to the sign that would move in the wind, gaining the attention of passers by. This made the properties easier to find. Third, a website address would be included on the sign where buyers could go to get a virtual tour. Once again, many agents do not do this. This is important during the week, evenings, etc. when the house is not open to the public except by appointment. This made the properties easier to see. Fourth, we often received postcards from Rumana telling us about homes in our neighborhood that were coming on the market. This is important because often the people in a given neighborhood know people who would like to move into the area, especially in a tight market such as we live in. We received at least 2 additional offers this way. Fifth, the properties were always staged, and staged by professionals. This makes a property look its very best and helps bring the best price. Buyers feel “at home” and want to move in immediately. Lastly, Rumana also would have warm food available at the open house, something that few agents do. Studies have shown that buyers are more likely to buy if you can get as many senses involved as possible, taste and smell included! Besides, who doesn’t have a positive emotional response to the smell of freshly baked cookies? All of these might sound to some like tedious details, but each of these makes it easier for more buyers to find the house, see the house, and enjoy the house at its best, producing more offers and higher prices in the end. This is what makes Rumana better, she does all the right things to product the best results for her clients. When it came time to sell our house, it was a no-brainer, we had to have Rumana. We had seen how she marketed herself, and how she marketed the properties she represented. We were beyond impressed. When I went to look up her telephone number to ask her to represent us, I laughed. I was standing in the kitchen, and her number was on 3 of the 4 magnetic items that were stuck to our refrigerator. I didn’t have to take a single step! Once again, her marketing efforts were working! To make things interesting, we only gave her a few days notice before the home needed to be on sale. Rumana was great. She walked us through the process, and scheduled everything just right to fit our schedule. She orchestrated inspectors, stagers, landscapers, photographers, paperwork, and all of her print and web marketing. She pulled everything off just as she said she would. We didn’t have to make a single phone call, except to Rumana. Rumana took us through the piles of California paperwork, and patiently answered every one of our questions. When it came time to open offers, we were thrilled. We had 12 offers at a time when the overall market was tightening, and ALL the offers were well over the listing price. We had offers that came from neighbors, relatives of neighbors, people who had seen the website, etc. It was further proof that Rumana’s marketing plan had worked! Throughout the presentation process, Rumana was right on top of all the details of every offer. She spotted the smallest of issues with each offer and advised us accordingly. These are only some of the reasons we are so happy with our choice of Rumana as our realtor. I could go on. Suffice it to say, we highly recommend choosing her. You won’t be disappointed.

— Martin T. & Laurie F., part-time real estate investors

Seller: Foster City

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