The moment you meet Rumana, you will know she is a very thorough person, and she is a straight talker.
At the get-go, she would want to know your needs, your wants and finally your desires - in that order. She will make it a point you as a buyer know your budget in and out and you stick to it. This was something we really appreciated. After the initial thorough homework, Rumana would go through every little detail of all the potential homes we wanted to see. She taught us how to look at listings, what to expect - beyond whats shown in the pictures. If we ever had questions you can be guaranteed they would be answered promptly. Finally, when we did like a house, we do believe her experience and her reputation in the real estate world did work in our favor. She has great working relations with people in the field - therefore its really helpful to have her in your corner fighting for you. In addition, she went through the complete disclosure packets ( yes there are many), every little detail - which we really appreciated - because we knew what we were buying. For potential buyers in the bay area, it is very important to work with the right real agent - to have a firm guiding hand steering you towards the right decision. Wishing Rumana the very best - and it was an absolute pleasure working with her.

— Vaishnavi G.

Buyer: Foster City ~ View Property

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