Rumana helped us both selling and buying, and both went far beyond even our best hope.
Selling: We did remodeling before selling the house. Rumana managed the entire project from design decisions, assembling the team to project management. The result was just remarkable. The remodel itself increased the home value by $100k, easily covered what we spent for remodeling and gained more. Her marketing was also spot on. She knows target buyers and made every single detail appeal to them, aesthetic, pricing, reach, etc, etc. As a result, we got 6 offers, which was unusual for the marketing condition of the time. Once we get multiple offers, negotiation is where Rumana really shines. She talked with the bidders and got the best result out of it, the price of course but also she checked the buyer's lender, financial situation, etc, to make sure that the contract would not go wrong. We as sellers think the realtor's commission is too high. But Rumana got back a good chunk of it just by negotiation. Some realtors offer a lower commission than others. I would not recommend choosing a realtor just by 1% or so the difference in commission because a good realtor could make a 10% difference in a transaction. Buying: we were not that lucky to utilize Rumana's excellent negotiation skill because we were one of the multiple offers. But her wide network played a crucial role here instead. Our initial offer was not the best offer. It was our first offer, and we knew the house would be sold more than what we had offered. But the seller's agent knew Rumana so well so that the seller gave us a counter offer! Trust among realtors matter during a real estate transaction. Rumana knows it and she has earned her trust over 20 years in business. Rumana went on a long-planned vacation when we signed a contract. We had some hiccup during the contract. She spent the first several days of her vacation on solving the issue, literally calling all different parties involved until everything settled. She always puts her customer's priority. All in all, we are grateful that we chose Rumana as our realtor. She brought us the best possible outcome from this complex home sale & buy process. Highly recommended.

— Makoto I.

Seller: Foster City ~ View Property

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