She answered my questions directly, with opinions backed by confidence and experience.
To Whom It May Concern: I'd like to recommend Rumana Jabeen, a realtor that I used to both sell my home in Foster City and buy my new home in Belmont. Rumana is one of the most well prepared and skilled professionals I have met. And she clearly loves what she does. I would unequivocally recommend Rumana to my closest friends who are looking to buy or sell a home on the peninsula. I decided to move forward with Rumana after interviewing five agents in person. I originally chose to work with Rumana for a number of reasons, but most importantly, because she answered my questions directly, with opinions backed by confidence and experience. Almost every other agent I spoke with provided very vague non-answers, likely to avoid saying something that I didn't want to hear. Rumana provided very specific answers to my questions and was not afraid to put a stake in the ground when I asked for her opinion. Throughout the sales process, Rumana provided me with very thoughtful guidance. She gave strong recommendations for repairs to do on the home which would likely provide a strong return for the cost. Rumana also gave direct guidance on how to price my home, given the competitive landscape. She had an unbelievable understanding of the market and knew exactly when competing homes were expected to hit the market. Timing was critical when we sold our home since there weren't many direct competitors at the time. We priced the home at a level where we both felt confident we would reach my target sales price. We received multiple offers and I was extremely pleased that we sold the home at a price significantly higher than what I was expecting! I credit both Rumana's negotiating skills (I was quite amazed watching her talk to the various agents) as well as her thoughtful and comprehensive marketing plans. Rumana impressed my wife and I so much with the process of selling our home that we decided to also use her to buy our next home. After a fairly short search, we found a home that we loved. And Rumana again provided extremely insightful guidance. Most importantly, I felt throughout the process very confident that Rumana was going to ensure that we made the right decisions that would make us happy. The purchase of our new home ended up being a bit complicated. And Rumana gracefully walked us and the other party through the process. In fact, in both the sale of our home and purchase of our new home, I watched as Rumana provided guidance to both realtors on the other side who were obviously less experienced and familiar with doing transactions in these markets. Before these transactions, I was always a bit skeptical about using real estate agents as I had heard of others who tried to buy or sell them homes independently. Based on my experience with Rumana, I am confident that securing her services was the best decision we could have made.

— Richard S.

Buyer: Belmont, Seller: Foster City

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