...the number one reason I like working with Rumana is her precision and speed.
Rumana recently helped us to buy our dream house. That is not the first time we worked together. She helped us buying our old place, and selling it, too. For all that work, Rumana provided us excellent service, and I want to share my experience. Besides being a lovely and understanding person, the number one reason I like working with Rumana is her precision and speed. It is incredibly easy to explain to Rumana what you want from selling or buying a place. She listens carefully, gives her feedback, and you can be on the same page pretty quickly. I like to listen and follow the advice of experts like Rumana, but I also like how they provide you options and adjust to your needs if applicable and still for your benefit. Rumana helps you to be efficient with your offers, too. For example, when you are interested in a house, she can tell you why it is a good or bad idea to make an offer. That saved us crucial time and helped us to stay focused. It is not a bad idea to listen to her advice! Still, if you have other thoughts, she adapts, too. After all that great relationship, what was the final output? We bought our dream place in our first offer! You may say that it is a coincidence. Sure there is always a chance factor, especially in this crazy market. However, when we bought our previous place with her, that was our first offer, too! So efficient! I strongly recommend Rumana.

— Cagdas T.

Buyer: San Carlos ~ View Property

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